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An electric car that gets 170 miles per gallon?

image Local Alma, Wisconsin inventor Robert Albertson is developing a new total electric car, called the Trans-Electric Drive Car. Albertson converts a standard compact car to a total electric drive.  The Trans-Electric Drive™  can also be incorporated into golf carts, tractors, ATVs, snowmobiles, pumps, motorcycles, tools and other applications.

Trans Electric Drive
No Gears, No Belts or clutches to wear out!

image The Trans-Electric Drive is the heart of the drive. The Trans Electric Drive allows the Electric DC Motor to run at their most efficient RPM. The Trans-Electric Drive varies the speed from the DC motor to the wheels by the Albertson unique variable magnetic drive that has no gears, belts or clutches to wear out.

How the Trans Electric Drive Works
The Trans-Electric Drive  is based on Magnets. The DC Motor will constantly be on and turning one end of the magnetic drive. The other side of the magnetic drive, when engaged, will be pushed closer and closer together.   As these two parts of the drive come closer and closer, the drive picks up more and more energy, allowing the vehicle to gain motion.

Trans-Electric Drive Car
Robert Albertson, converts standard compact car to total electric drive!

image The Trans-Electric Drive Car will have a range of 300 miles on a single three hour charge with speeds up to 100 miles per hours. Albertson said it will use an electric motor of his design powered by four 40-pound lithium batteries about the size of suitcases. A system of his invention would recharge the batteries by capturing the energy created by road vibrations. With electricity usage costing about 1 cents per mile compared to a gasoline vehicle at $3.00 per gallon getting 20 miles per gallon comes out at 15 cents per mile. 

No hydraulic shocks or springs required!

Mag-Ride, a Magnetic Suspension eliminates hydraulic shocks and springs. The cars, golf carts, motorcycles, atvs and other vehicle applications ride on a magnetic suspension controlled by a computer that automatically adjusts the ride and load weight of the vehicle.

Mag-Viber Generator
Replaces Car Generator!

Mag-Viber Generator would recharge the batteries by capturing Energy created by road vibrations.

Mag-Regen Braking
Generates electricity to the battery when braking!

Mag-Regen Braking a system which will regenerate electricity to the batteries each time the vehicle is braking.


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Mag Trans Auto Corporation specializes in electric cars, alternative,  and fuel efficient cars and vehicles. Designer of magnetic transmissions, brakes and other parts for fast, auto electric vehicles,  new and used, to provide gas savings, high mileage vehicles, and low maintenance.




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MagTransAuto Product Comparison Where did disconnected torque-transfer technology come from?(click MagnaDrive logo to activate video)

MagnaDrive,, a company founded in 1999 developed disconnected toruque-transfer technology. Early funding for MagnaDrive was supplied by a grant from the US government. MagnaDrive invested over $30 million in technology that is focused upon motors that drive pumps, fans, blowers, and other processing and manufacturing equipment used in industry. MagnaDrives are designed for applications from 10 to 4000 horsepower. The US Department of Energy (DOE) operates seveal MagnaDrive units in mission critical applications at nuclear facilities. The Mag-Trans Electric Drive is based on similar, but unique technology that is proprietary to Mag-Trans Corporation.

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