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Excerpts from Minnesota Public Radio:
(This story has been condensed to reflect only information relating to Mag-Trans Corporation)
By Minnesota Public Radio -Broadcasted May, 2007

. . Inventor Bob Albertson of Alma, Wisconsin, has been researching and designing automotive components for decades and holds a number of patents. But Albertson says his track record was not enough to budge the skepticism he encountered when pitching his idea for an electric car to potential investors.

"I went out here two years ago to obtain funding," Albertson says. "I was telling people I could make a car that would go 200-300 miles without a charge. Well, nobody believed me." At the time 30 to 40 miles was all battery powered cars could muster. Today, though, electric cars that go 200 or more miles between battery charges are not only possible, there are already prototypes. A California company called Tesla Motors makes a highs speed, lithium battery-powered sports car. it's spendy--$92,000--but is drawing media attention from the likes of the New York Times and ABC News. A price tag in the six figure range will keep Tesla's electric vehicles out of reach for most Americans. But inventor Bob Albertson maintains he can deliver battery power for the mass-market. Albertson says gas-powered vehicles already on the road can be reconfigured to run on electricity.

°We're looking at making kits available that you could retrofit, let's say a Ford Ranger, where they could take the present engine out of the car, the gas engine, and put in our kit," he says.

Albertson envisions dealerships around the region where auto workers could entry out these gas-to-electric conversions. . . . presents new electric car