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 AM 1500 KSTP  Willy & Jay Show   Mpls/St. Paul
   7-31-08 Alma, WI inventor Bob Albertson is guest

By Willy & Jay & | WCCO Radio Station Minneapolis, St. Paul -Broadcasted July 31, 2008

Bob Albertson, President of Mag-Trans Auto Corporation, talks with Willy & Jay of KSTP AM 1500 Radio Station in Minneapolis, St. Paul regarding his possible answer to our gas whoes with his electric car that gets 170 miles per gallon.

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Willy Clark
 of The Willy & Jay Show

 WCCO  News Talk Radio 830     Minneapolis/St. Paul
   7-30-08 Alma, WI inventor Bob Albertson is guest

By Al Malmberg | WCCO Radio Station Minneapolis, St. Paul -Broadcasted July 30, 2008

Bob Albertson, President of Mag-Trans Auto Corporation, updates Al Malmberg of WCCO Radio Station in Minneapolis, St. Paul on their electric car that gets 170 miles per gallon.

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Al Malmberg

Excerpt: This Ranger is ready to roll: Alma inventor to unveil electric truck prototype
By Chris Hubbuch | Winona Daily News -Published October, 2007

A Wisconsin man with a long track record of improbable inventions is planning to unveil an electric truck today in hopes of raising more money to finish his prototype.

Bob Alberston has been working for the past four months at his Alma shop to put an electric motor in a new Ford Ranger . . . .

Albertson, 70, is now hoping to market his idea . . . . He said dealers could make money reselling the engines and other parts they take out and then sell the trucks — which have a stock sticker price of $12,700 — for about $26,000.

The way Albertson figures it, the consumer would recoup more than $20,000 in fuel costs over five years of driving. . . . presents new electric car

Excerpts:  Alma inventor, ... to build electric truck
By Chris Hubbuch | Winona Daily News -Published May, 2007

An Alma inventor thinks he has a viable alternative to fossil fuel vehicles . . . Bob Albertson, 70, believes he can make an affordable electric vehicle, and he wants to retrofit an existing vehicle to prove it can be done. . . .

 The plan is to unveil the electric truck at the Minnesota State Fair this summer.   More presents new electric car

Excerpts from Article from Minnesota Public Radio
By Minnesota Public Radio -Broadcasted May, 2007

. . . Inventor Bob Albertson of Alma, Wisconsin, has been researching and designing automotive components for decades and holds a number of patents. But Albertson says his track record was not enough to budge the skepticism he encountered when pitching his idea for an electric car to potential investors. "I went out here two years ago to obtain funding," Albertson says. "I was telling people I could make a car that'd go 200-300 miles without a charge. Well, nobody believed me." At the time 30 to 40 miles was all battery powered cars could muster. Today, though, electric cars that go 200 or more miles between battery charges are not only possible, there are already prototypes.   More presents new electric car

Hope Is a Strange Invention
CityPages by William Wroblewski - June 22, 2005

A confidentiality agreement awaits at the door. Everyone has to sign it. ..........

In the world of inventors, angels can sprout devil's horns. Everyone knows this, but no one knows it better than the president of the Inventors' Network, Robert Albertson. With his plaid collared shirt and tan slacks, Albertson looks more suited to the basement workroom than the corporate testing lab. But he's no mere hobbyist--he's the mind behind the weed eater, the shower massager, and dozens of other inventions, and he owns a patent list nearing 250. Full story presents new electric car


Albertson was Popular Mechanics Edition Choice Award
By Roy Berendsohn | Popular Mechanics, - October, 2004

Cool products that make you look like a pro

Every year there's one hardware show where the neatest tools, paint and gadgets make their debut. This year, however, an industry rift created two shows, one in Chicago and one in Las Vegas. Not that the rift matters much to us. The two shows did produce a bumper crop of products. Here's the harvest, 20 products that received the coveted Editor's Choice Award. It's good reading because any of them can make your next project easier, faster or maybe even more fun.

Full story presents new electric car

QVC@The Mall provides launching pad for local inventors
Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - August 16, 2002 by Benno Groeneveld

Albertson's exposure on QVC and in the mall store will make it easier to sell his invention. "If you can prove through QVC that your product sells, you draw the attention of larger companies," he said, adding that both Procter & Gamble Co., owners of Maxwell House coffee, and General Foods International Coffees, a Kraft Foods Inc. subsidiary that owns Folgers, already have expressed interest in his coffee filter.   Full story presents new electric car

4 Season All Terrainer
All Terrain Industries, Inc.

The 4 Season All Terrainer features the
Mag-Transmission Drive presents all-terrain vehicle

What is the 4 Season Vehicle?

The 4 Season Vehicle is a year round, three to five passenger dual track amphibious utility transport capable of travel on snow, ice, water, sand or mud without adjustment or modification. Full story

Albertson reaches out to former foe
City Business, Minneapolis-St. Paul by Dale Kurschner March 26, 1990

Telephone maverick hooks up with AT&T.

Giant Killer Robert Albertson, well known in the 1980s for his battles against American Telephone and Telegraph Co., has decided to team up with his old adversary.

Under an agreement to be completed this month, Albertson would buy more than $60 million in AT&T long distance service, which he plans to resell to businesses that buy pay phones from his Orono-based Orange Communications Inc. Full story presents new electric car

Inventors seek Fair feedback
by Diane L. Cormany, Focus Editor - City Business

Bob Albertson doesn't have the kind of flashy sales pitch you might expect from a State Fair vendor.

In fact, he usually has others do the selling for his Wayzata companies, Posi-Grip Tool and All Terrainer Industries, concentrating instead on inventing new products. But he wouldn't miss the chance to man his own booth for the 12-day Minnesota State Fair.

Local inventors say the Great Minnesota Get Together provides invaluable exposure to potential customers. It's not so much the direct sales they emphasize. Instead, they highlight the chance to interact with potential customers from all walks of life, in what amounts to free market research.   Full story

Albertson, inventor at State Fair

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